So, hello there, this is all a bit new. I’ve never really made a blog before. If you’ve not guessed, this blog is basically just about EVE-online (but I don’t know how you couldn’t have figured that out).

After spending an unreasonable amount of my life since Capsuleer’s arrival reading through the blog pack, I thought I might aswell join in, it looks fun. This could be fun, right? Literally any advice from experienced bloggers would be appreciated, I’m still wrestling with the themes and what not (I don’t like the orange text but I don’t think I can change that) but I’m slowly getting there *points to the sidebar* Look, I did that. Well, I clicked on/copied and pasted links but that’s not the point.

At some point I’m hoping to make this a mainly IC blog but at the moment I’m a bit too “all over the place” to really manage it, rest assured, when I’m settled you’ll get a nice intro post from my IC point of view.

I have literally no idea where this is going so I’m going to wrap it up as I have a dire need to fiddle with some more WordPress settings (and potentially revise Biology for my big exam tomorrow) so for now I bid you good day!

(I may edit and add some more ramblings)

For now, I present you with… FELICIA DAY!

*gazes dreamily into the distance*

I want to date her avatar.

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