Daily ramblings.

So, I was sitting in my Nemesis, Adastreia, cloaked up 34KM away from our Wormhole link to high sec. I was technically on “guard duty” but I figured one of my crew members would bother me if anything went wrong. While I was idling I decided to try check out some of the various news streams or channels that unexplicably make it through the wormhole link (for the same reason contract listings do but market information doesn’t?) and I came across this article. After skimming through a couple of the points by the Capsuleer using a channel called K162space I decided it was prudent to reasses the positioning of my camera drones which had decided to align towards our system’s resident blackhole (which I swear is secretly some kind of intergalactic, ancient evil which is slowly draining the souls from my corporation’s employees – perhaps more on that later) and focused them on the wormhole.

It made me think though, about how I’d managed to avoid so much of the trouble that my corpmates hadn’t. At first I thought it was because I’m generally more a bit less blood thirsty than some of my friends, or perhaps I am just too damn paranoid. It certainly wasn’t because I’m secretly a very skillful pilot. Then it dawned on me, I’m just lucky.

With the apparently epiphany that the only reason I was still alive was because of luck (and perhaps the “demon of the blackhole” was getting to me a bit) I decided it was time to order myself some high-security-side rest. After collecting any of my off-duty crew members lurking around our Starbase I jumped (I say jumped, it was more like I ran as fast as possible) through the wormhole and headed towards Dodixie (I know, not the first system that comes to mind when the word “rest” is uttered).

As I sat in the Fed. Navy station in Dodixie and chatted with an old friend I became very aware that my hangar has far more mineral content that a non-miner should own. After a little consideration I decided that I should probably get rid of some of the raw materials before I caught whatever pathogen miners carry and that I could probably unload them on my corp’s “premiere” manufacturer and demand he build me things. So next time you hear from me, I should own a nice shiny Retribution class Assault Frigate! While I hear some complaints about how you can’t stick enough modules on them in the way of warp scrambling-ness or flying-fast-ness, it looks like the rack of pulse lasers and the fair tank makes up for it. Aslong as you force a friend to tackle any enemies you might run into.

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