The Epic of Vin: Part I.

“Do you remember how we first met?” Vin leafed through the pages of the latest finance report for her current alliance.

“No, you drugged me.” I replied morosely, “I woke up minus one Vexor and without pants.”

She sighed, “I told you what happened to your pants… Remember that Amarrian?”

“I don’t care, I still blame you.” I glared out of the viewing port of my quarters, silently lamenting the loss of my favourite pants. “How did you even get that report anyway? You’re not a director.” I pointed towards Vin accusingly with my empty wine glass.

“This? Oh, please…” Vin laughed loudly and dropped the large document to the floor. “More wine!”

I laid my head carefully on the desk infront of me and wrapped my arms around it. “I think I’ve had enough. Things are starting to move when they’re not allowed to.”

“Nonsense!” the young Caldari woman crossed the room with near impossible speed and flung open the refrigerator in the corner of the room. “I wish you had nicer wine.”

I lifted my head off of the table and sighed. “It only ever gets drunk when you come here and try make me drunk to give you… Money. Because I’m drunk?”

“Wha…?” Vin spun around and looked at me in the same way you’d look at a well-meaning but pathetic puppy. “More wine!”

I averted my eyes as she bent over and fished a new bottle from the bottom shelf of the refrigerator unit. “Last time I was this drunk, I kept getting drunk until I lost my pants. You know?”

“I know, Dear.” Vin beamed at me as she poured me another glass of wine. “Just a bit more and then you stop being uptight and law abiding!”

“Blah.” I waved my arm in her direction, still facing the opposite wall to her. “You have a minion! What happened to Juniper?”

“Oh!” Vin grabbed my hand and pushed the freshly poured glass into my grasp. “She was such a lovely girl… Unfortunately there was a freak cloning accident and she is no longer with us.”

“Oh…” with considerable effort I turned my head and gazed into my glass of wine. “I’m sorry to hear that… What happened?”

Vin smiled gently and sat in the chair across the desk from me. “It’s okay.” She reached out and placed her hand on my shoulder, “Apparently someone tracked down and killed all of her clones.”

    • Valette
    • March 30th, 2012

    Glad I’m not forgotten.

    • You do seem to have disappeared from the face of the galaxy, though. 😛

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