Back, sort of. Maybe. Eh…

Just a quick update, got to head out shortly so I’ll post something more conclusive later this evening hopefully.

A lot of things have changed since I last posted, I changed from a carebear/wormhole guardian to Ilfort the Great, Scourge of the Caldari (perhaps I exaggerate…). I decided to make the jump from New Hanseatic Holdings (I still keep in touch with these guys!) to Moira. Vanguard.

What that essentially means is that now I wander around low sec getting shot at! I’ve been low-sec-death-seeking for 2 months and 7 days now and had some awesome times, got my first solo kill (;D) and got lost in nullsec (how do you null-sec warriors even remember where you’re going? Seriously, the names all look like LOL-WUT to me)! My Killboard is still looking somewhat… Empty, but I’ve managed 18 kills for 3 losses in these past 2 months which seems decent enough for me.

In RL terms, school is no more. Exams over and now I have to wait til August to see if I get the results I need to get into University (100m ISK says I don’t). Clearly, that means I have all of summer to shun my friends and play video games, YES!

P.S. I’m a reader of Nashh Kadavr’s blog and through that this blog was brought to my attention… Shout out to Sassy B for being awesome! Megathron confuse D:

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