While an Intaki by birth, Ilfort has never visited his homeworld. Born in Aufay, he was educated at the Federal Navy Academy in near-by Duripant. While a bright and talented student, he was ridiculously lazy and graduated in the bottom half of his class. At the time of writing, he is one of only 3 from his class of 40 to have succesfully “made it” as a Capsuleer. Despite holding more certificates than he cares to admit, his only true skill is procrastination.

Past Interesting Ilfort-related facts for the month:

  • His surname is a closely guarded secret. Some say it is because it adds to his enigmatic image, others say it is because his surname is actually quite embarrassing.
  • He once tried to take down the Caldari fleet stationed above Caldari Prime in Luminaire. While the majority of the support fleet succumbed to his wrath and were easily vanquished, the Titan managed to evade defeat and bested Ilfort and his Ishtar in single combat, forcing him to enact a tactical withdrawl.
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