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The Epic of Vin: Part I.

“Do you remember how we first met?” Vin leafed through the pages of the latest finance report for her current alliance.

“No, you drugged me.” I replied morosely, “I woke up minus one Vexor and without pants.”

She sighed, “I told you what happened to your pants… Remember that Amarrian?”

“I don’t care, I still blame you.” I glared out of the viewing port of my quarters, silently lamenting the loss of my favourite pants. “How did you even get that report anyway? You’re not a director.” I pointed towards Vin accusingly with my empty wine glass.

“This? Oh, please…” Vin laughed loudly and dropped the large document to the floor. “More wine!”

I laid my head carefully on the desk infront of me and wrapped my arms around it. “I think I’ve had enough. Things are starting to move when they’re not allowed to.”

“Nonsense!” the young Caldari woman crossed the room with near impossible speed and flung open the refrigerator in the corner of the room. “I wish you had nicer wine.”

I lifted my head off of the table and sighed. “It only ever gets drunk when you come here and try make me drunk to give you… Money. Because I’m drunk?”

“Wha…?” Vin spun around and looked at me in the same way you’d look at a well-meaning but pathetic puppy. “More wine!”

I averted my eyes as she bent over and fished a new bottle from the bottom shelf of the refrigerator unit. “Last time I was this drunk, I kept getting drunk until I lost my pants. You know?”

“I know, Dear.” Vin beamed at me as she poured me another glass of wine. “Just a bit more and then you stop being uptight and law abiding!”

“Blah.” I waved my arm in her direction, still facing the opposite wall to her. “You have a minion! What happened to Juniper?”

“Oh!” Vin grabbed my hand and pushed the freshly poured glass into my grasp. “She was such a lovely girl… Unfortunately there was a freak cloning accident and she is no longer with us.”

“Oh…” with considerable effort I turned my head and gazed into my glass of wine. “I’m sorry to hear that… What happened?”

Vin smiled gently and sat in the chair across the desk from me. “It’s okay.” She reached out and placed her hand on my shoulder, “Apparently someone tracked down and killed all of her clones.”


Inspired by real life events…

Time for another week of Friday flash fiction! To recap:

That means I will post a small prompt every Friday. The following Tuesday, I’ll update the post with links to your own stories on your own blogs or even the EVE forum (preferably submitted through the comments here). This might consist of a phrase, or an object, or a location, or something else. Use it as the core theme, the starting sentence, or anything else; you just have to include it somewhere in the story. And the story should be really short. Definitely under one thousand words, but even greater brevity has great value. If you can tell a cohesive story (character, plot, theme) in a bare few sentences, go for it.

This week’s prompt:

“You did what?!”

“Vin, you did what?!” I glared at the young Caldari woman as she laughed at me through the monitor, equal parts enraged, shocked and impressed.

“Hey, a girl’s got to make a living.” she grinned in reply.

“But… It was your alliance!” I slapped my hands to my forehead and groaned in exasperation.

“Well in that case it was about time they helped me out, right?”

“Stop acting like it’s not a big deal. It is a big deal! Have you not even considered that they might hunt you down and kill you? Repeatedly? Until you run out of clones?”

Vin winked, “Trust me, with the amount I’ve got I won’t be running out of clones anytime soon. Besides, they don’t seem too pleased but I doubt they’ll want to tell their friends they got robbed.”

“Wait, they know?”

“Yep.” Vin smiled casually, “They caught me before I’d even left the corporation.”

“And… You still got away.”

“I still got away.” Vin smirked, irritatingly pleased with herself.

“… How much did you get?” I leant forward slightly and tried to disguise my admiration for what she’d just managed to get away with.

“Maybe around… Seven or eight hundred million? That’s after I sell it all.”

“… Nice.” I began to laugh and scratched my head awkwardly.  “So, that’s a lot of ISK. Can I have some?”

Daily ramblings.

So, I was sitting in my Nemesis, Adastreia, cloaked up 34KM away from our Wormhole link to high sec. I was technically on “guard duty” but I figured one of my crew members would bother me if anything went wrong. While I was idling I decided to try check out some of the various news streams or channels that unexplicably make it through the wormhole link (for the same reason contract listings do but market information doesn’t?) and I came across this article. After skimming through a couple of the points by the Capsuleer using a channel called K162space I decided it was prudent to reasses the positioning of my camera drones which had decided to align towards our system’s resident blackhole (which I swear is secretly some kind of intergalactic, ancient evil which is slowly draining the souls from my corporation’s employees – perhaps more on that later) and focused them on the wormhole.

It made me think though, about how I’d managed to avoid so much of the trouble that my corpmates hadn’t. At first I thought it was because I’m generally more a bit less blood thirsty than some of my friends, or perhaps I am just too damn paranoid. It certainly wasn’t because I’m secretly a very skillful pilot. Then it dawned on me, I’m just lucky.

With the apparently epiphany that the only reason I was still alive was because of luck (and perhaps the “demon of the blackhole” was getting to me a bit) I decided it was time to order myself some high-security-side rest. After collecting any of my off-duty crew members lurking around our Starbase I jumped (I say jumped, it was more like I ran as fast as possible) through the wormhole and headed towards Dodixie (I know, not the first system that comes to mind when the word “rest” is uttered).

As I sat in the Fed. Navy station in Dodixie and chatted with an old friend I became very aware that my hangar has far more mineral content that a non-miner should own. After a little consideration I decided that I should probably get rid of some of the raw materials before I caught whatever pathogen miners carry and that I could probably unload them on my corp’s “premiere” manufacturer and demand he build me things. So next time you hear from me, I should own a nice shiny Retribution class Assault Frigate! While I hear some complaints about how you can’t stick enough modules on them in the way of warp scrambling-ness or flying-fast-ness, it looks like the rack of pulse lasers and the fair tank makes up for it. Aslong as you force a friend to tackle any enemies you might run into.

Friday Flash Fiction 3: Fighter Bombers

My first attempt at Ecliptic Rift’s Flash Fiction.

“This…” the Gallentean Fighter pilot dropped his spoon into the rehydrated sludge they were fed for dinner and began rummaging in his pocket, “Is what I want to fly…” He pulled out a sheet of paper that looked like it’d been folded a few too many times and laid it flat on the steel table.

His fellow pilot, an Amarrian, seemed to lament over his own over-rehydrated meal before sliding his tray aside and leaning forward to inspect the leaflet.

“A… Cyclops?” The Amarrian looked quizzically at the Gallentean. “Oh, the Fighter Bomber?!”

The Gallentean grinned. “I heard some of the podders talking about something called a Malleus… So after a bit of research I found this, the Cyclops, on the CreoDron database.” He gazed dreamily at the stylised image of the bomber, criss-crossed by faded, fold lines.

The Amarrian laughed and pulled the leaflet around so he could read it. “Says here that they’re specially designed to blow up…” He paused to read on a little more “Big things.”

The Gallentean nodded enthusiastically.

“And that they can only be carried by Supercarriers. Do you know a Supercarrier pilot?”

The Gallentean snatched back the leaflet “That’s not the point!”

“We’re employees of this Corporation and we fly what they tell us to… What’s wrong with your Firbolg?” The Amarrian shook his head and chuckled under his breath.

“Don’t patronise me! I’ve been flying that thing for a year, I don’t want to be stuck in it for the rest of my life.”

“If you say so,” the Amarrian rolled his eyes and slid his dinner tray back infront of him, “I doubt most Nyx pilots would consider a year of flying a Firbolg as necessary experience though…”

The Gallentean stabbed his food with his spoon. “Sometimes you can be a real jackass.”

Logging in… Roden assumes office!

President Jacus Roden formally assumed office earlier today at his inauguration before the Gallente Senate. Shortly beforehand, incumbent President Souro Foiritan made a brief, formal statement to the Senate. Executive power rested briefly with the Senate before Chief Justice Broyal Alserette of the Federation Supreme Court swore in Jacus Roden as the new President of the Federation.

To a standing ovation, President Roden then took the rostrum and stood quietly for a moment before motioning for silence and giving a speech in which he reaffirmed his election pledges. President Roden stated that it was the policy of his government to “restore Federation control over the space and planets of the Luminaire system and to all Federation systems and worlds occupied by Caldari State naval and militia forces,” and noted that capsuleer forces of the Federal Defence Union had liberated several Gallente systems since the election. His wide-ranging speech took in aspects of policy such as corruption – another theme of Roden’s campaign – industrial policy, and the importance of the capsuleer class to the economy and security of the Federation. President Roden is himself a capsuleer.

President Roden finished his speech with a pledge “to return the Gallente Federation to the greatness that has been its undoubted destiny from the moment our peoples united to realize the historic project of universal freedom.” As he stepped back from the podium, the Senate once more erupted in a standing ovation, which the President acknowledged before leaving.”

About time! Hopefully something will actually get done now that Foiritan has officially gone away. I know it’s a bit strange, having never visited there, but I don’t think I could forgive the Caldari for what they did to the Intaki system. I doubt I’ll ever visit, but still… Not a big fan of the Caldari. My point being; I, like everyone one else in the ‘verse, blame Foiritan for the fact that the Caldari managed to hit us as hard as they did.

Anyway, enough flexing of my inadequate-political-knowledge muscles. It looks like I might be being called back to the Wormhole from my “base” in Sortet. Apparently some kind of hauling operation is going on, I don’t know, not really paying attention to the corp channel at the moment. I’m not really too enthusiastic about being called away from the Fed. Navy station here either, my agent has kept me occupied with various tasks that range from carrying stuff about in a shuttle to killing Serpentis fleets – I can’t help but feel a bit overqualified for this.

Makes me wonder, if it’s left to us privateers to try fight off Serpentis, Angel Cartel et al, and by the looks of recent events they’re not fighting the Caldari… What exactly does the Federation Navy do?