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Back, sort of. Maybe. Eh…

Just a quick update, got to head out shortly so I’ll post something more conclusive later this evening hopefully.

A lot of things have changed since I last posted, I changed from a carebear/wormhole guardian to Ilfort the Great, Scourge of the Caldari (perhaps I exaggerate…). I decided to make the jump from New Hanseatic Holdings (I still keep in touch with these guys!) to Moira. Vanguard.

What that essentially means is that now I wander around low sec getting shot at! I’ve been low-sec-death-seeking for 2 months and 7 days now and had some awesome times, got my first solo kill (;D) and got lost in nullsec (how do you null-sec warriors even remember where you’re going? Seriously, the names all look like LOL-WUT to me)! My Killboard is still looking somewhat… Empty, but I’ve managed 18 kills for 3 losses in these past 2 months which seems decent enough for me.

In RL terms, school is no more. Exams over and now I have to wait til August to see if I get the results I need to get into University (100m ISK says I don’t). Clearly, that means I have all of summer to shun my friends and play video games, YES!

P.S. I’m a reader of Nashh Kadavr’s blog and through that this blog was brought to my attention… Shout out to Sassy B for being awesome! Megathron confuse D:


[OOC] *Mind blown*

[18:26:36] Ivanna Nuke > I would think dropping a titan on them and DD’ng them would suffice…. especially if followed with the “imma firing moi laassaarrrr” in local.

I think the Avatar’s DD needs a rethink to be more “imma firing moi laassaarrr” like.

[OOC] Inactivity.

Happens to the best of us. Sorry for not posting recently, had a lot on with school work and had some university interviews. I currently have some chemistry coursework which needs finishing by the end of this week (and remains around 8% completed) and then I get a week off of school. 🙂

I have a few posts planned for the near future (hopefully I’ll get chance to type them up this week/weekend) and Vin, the infamous and brilliant thief who I mentioned in a Flash Fiction apparently read my blog and seems to have essentially roped me into writing her autobiography…

I can multiclass!

“Why do you love EVE so much?” – CrazyKinux

For me it’s all about the escapism and the freedom. I just love pretending to fly spaceships. In real life I’m just a normal person. I’m 18 years old, 5’10” tall and perform fairly well at school. Nothing notable, just boring. Boring, boring, boring – Not enough interesting things to do. If I brought this up with some of my friends they’d go off on rants about how cool they are for getting wasted at the weekend or going out to gigs and how I should join them… And while I’ve attended gigs, alcohol doesn’t really attract me much. So while they’re out collecting injuries and STIs on a Friday night I sit and read (As I type this I’m taking a break from reading Hesiod’s Theogeny), watch a movie (with friends sometimes, I’m not *that* reclusive) or play EVE. I’m probably one of the examples of MMO gamers that many MMO gamers don’t really want the public to know about, I’m a total, complete nerd.

So for me getting the opportunity to just forget about everything and play internet spaceships for a few hours is really, really nice. I’m not some uber carebear, if you blow my ship up I will be annoyed but meh, I can get a new one. If you blow my car up in real life I imagine I’d form some kind of grudge against you. Unlike a lot of other EVE players I know, EVE was my first real MMO. I had played a game called Flyff (all I can say about this is LOL) but got bored of mindless grinding in a setting which wasn’t really that nice to look at. I’ve never played WoW or Starwars Galaxies or Warhammer/LoTR Online, so I imagine as far as MMOs went at the time I was fairly easy to please. I first started playing at the insistance of my Cousin (who to this day still bothers me through EVE and *STILL* owes me a month of game time that he promised me for signing up) and I basically thought I’d be climbing into a Keres and somehow stopping opponents from shooting my corp members. I really had no idea what I was doing. I lost my first ship, a Maulus to a NPC Sansha frigate in a DED1. As I played on a little I decided I wanted to specialise in drones, about half a year later I climbed into an Ishtar. Suddenly I decided I wanted to fly a Deimos, realised they were a bit… Crappy… Wanted to fly a Zealot, got one. Sacrilege, check. Arazu, check. Pilgrim, check. I can basically do whatever the hell I want,  in Flyff if I wanted to swap between tank and casting spells it generally meant biomassing a character and starting afresh.  In EVE, providing I have the patience to skilltrain, I can fly whatever, whenever.

I’ve read quite a few people say that EVE has no “grind”, I disagree. Every time I wait the best part of a month for a skill, I die a little bit on the inside.  Atleast in Flyff you had newbs who were easily impressed by your large axe and glowy, heavy armour. If I fly my Ishtar into a newb system and sit on a gate I imagine nothing would happen… But I’d say it’s this special type of grind that makes it all the more fulfilling. You can’t get powerlevelled in EVE, to fly that nice shiny ship of yours you have to wait (potentially for months, potentially years) and have enough know how that you can avoid it getting blown out of the sky because once that ship is gone it is gone for good.

Of course there is the whole player interaction thing, I guess you EVE players are an alright bunch. The EVE economy quite frankly worries me (I always manage to buy things when they cost the most) and sometimes I think some nullsec alliances aren’t capable of running a bath, nevermind a multi-system Empire. I don’t frequent lowsec or nullsec, I’m a highsec PVEer and a WH “whatever-I’m-needed-to-do”-er. But I like it that way. I have an overactive imagination so while you guys slaughter capsuleers I’m busy venting Serpentis battleships and their crew into the deep vastyness of space. I’m pretty sure a lot of those Serp crewmembers needed the money, probably had families, but I’m paid to do it and the pay is decent. I like the way I play and I won’t force you to play the way I like. If I want to PVP I can jump in a different ship and go throw myself onto a low sec gatecamp, if I want to mine (haha yeah right) I can. If I want to manufacture things… I can’t really… If I want to be the capsuleer captain of a battleship who has enough personal wealth to buy continents (1ISK apparently = life changing fortune to those earth bound humies) I am. My point being, the game lets me do whatever I want. I can multiclass!

Some would say I have a problem, an addiction to video games. I would say STFU, I’m a Capsuleer.

N.B. I noticed that this is 899 words long, that’s almost aslong as the last essay I handed in for Ancient History and this has taken an eighth of the time to write.


Reason for me not posting for the past 3 days:
Examexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexam. Or rather, I’ve been failing them. My last one is tomorrow and promises to totally kick my ass with Chemistry-related Evilness.

… That is all.

Something terrible has happened.

What is wrong with my EVE-client/Graphics?

Hyperions weren’t like this before the patch, atleat as far as my client is concerned… What has happened?!

Foray into the world of Amarrian Battleships.

Hey everyone, looking for some advice regarding a PVE fit for an Apocalypse. I’ve never used an Amarr BS before, so this is literally the first time I’ve looked into the matter. So, without further ado…

EFT Stats, click for increased viewingness.

[Apocalypse, Pythia]
Large Armor Repairer II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Armor Thermic Hardener II
Armor Kinetic Hardener II

Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Optical Tracking Computer I, Tracking Speed

Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L

Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Hammerhead II x5
Hobgoblin II x5

Those EFT stats are at my current level (as you can see) with Amarr BS and Large Energy Turrets both at Level III. My armour/capacitor/drone skills are fine, just my shooty skills fail me as far as large turrets are concerned. I’m training to rectify the anaemic DPS. I’m also concerned the tank isn’t quite enough, I usually run missions in an Ishtar which has a much smaller signature radius and can outpace the above Apoc by a good 450m/s whereas with this Apoc it looks like a lot of the time will be spent sitting stationary…

Obviously the hardeners and drones will be mission specific, the above fit is specced against Serpentis (although Caldari light and medium drones might work slightly better against them, they aren’t as pretty as Gallente drones…).

Constructive criticism, please?