Reason for me not posting for the past 3 days:
Examexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexamexam. Or rather, I’ve been failing them. My last one is tomorrow and promises to totally kick my ass with Chemistry-related Evilness.

… That is all.


Something terrible has happened.

What is wrong with my EVE-client/Graphics?

Hyperions weren’t like this before the patch, atleat as far as my client is concerned… What has happened?!

Friday Flash Fiction 3: Fighter Bombers

My first attempt at Ecliptic Rift’s Flash Fiction.

“This…” the Gallentean Fighter pilot dropped his spoon into the rehydrated sludge they were fed for dinner and began rummaging in his pocket, “Is what I want to fly…” He pulled out a sheet of paper that looked like it’d been folded a few too many times and laid it flat on the steel table.

His fellow pilot, an Amarrian, seemed to lament over his own over-rehydrated meal before sliding his tray aside and leaning forward to inspect the leaflet.

“A… Cyclops?” The Amarrian looked quizzically at the Gallentean. “Oh, the Fighter Bomber?!”

The Gallentean grinned. “I heard some of the podders talking about something called a Malleus… So after a bit of research I found this, the Cyclops, on the CreoDron database.” He gazed dreamily at the stylised image of the bomber, criss-crossed by faded, fold lines.

The Amarrian laughed and pulled the leaflet around so he could read it. “Says here that they’re specially designed to blow up…” He paused to read on a little more “Big things.”

The Gallentean nodded enthusiastically.

“And that they can only be carried by Supercarriers. Do you know a Supercarrier pilot?”

The Gallentean snatched back the leaflet “That’s not the point!”

“We’re employees of this Corporation and we fly what they tell us to… What’s wrong with your Firbolg?” The Amarrian shook his head and chuckled under his breath.

“Don’t patronise me! I’ve been flying that thing for a year, I don’t want to be stuck in it for the rest of my life.”

“If you say so,” the Amarrian rolled his eyes and slid his dinner tray back infront of him, “I doubt most Nyx pilots would consider a year of flying a Firbolg as necessary experience though…”

The Gallentean stabbed his food with his spoon. “Sometimes you can be a real jackass.”

Foray into the world of Amarrian Battleships.

Hey everyone, looking for some advice regarding a PVE fit for an Apocalypse. I’ve never used an Amarr BS before, so this is literally the first time I’ve looked into the matter. So, without further ado…

EFT Stats, click for increased viewingness.

[Apocalypse, Pythia]
Large Armor Repairer II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Armor Thermic Hardener II
Armor Kinetic Hardener II

Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Optical Tracking Computer I, Tracking Speed

Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L
Mega Pulse Laser I, Amarr Navy Multifrequency L

Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Hammerhead II x5
Hobgoblin II x5

Those EFT stats are at my current level (as you can see) with Amarr BS and Large Energy Turrets both at Level III. My armour/capacitor/drone skills are fine, just my shooty skills fail me as far as large turrets are concerned. I’m training to rectify the anaemic DPS. I’m also concerned the tank isn’t quite enough, I usually run missions in an Ishtar which has a much smaller signature radius and can outpace the above Apoc by a good 450m/s whereas with this Apoc it looks like a lot of the time will be spent sitting stationary…

Obviously the hardeners and drones will be mission specific, the above fit is specced against Serpentis (although Caldari light and medium drones might work slightly better against them, they aren’t as pretty as Gallente drones…).

Constructive criticism, please?

With the dawn of Incarna…

Is it unreasonable of me to expect more graphics/animations within stations while viewing your docked ship? The reason I bring this up is because of this … http://www.eveonline.com/download/videos/?type=8

I think the closest I’ve ever seen is when docked in some Sisters of Eve stations a shuttle (presumably of Amarrian origin) sometimes flies past. That’s it. Am I just picking the wrong Stations to dock in?

While I’m dubious of Incarna’s actual impact upon the game (perhaps better suited for a blog closer to Incarna’s release, whenever that is.) I am still quite excited about actually… *WALKING AROUND*. But as far as I’m concerned you can retcon all this walking about business if the next time I dock up after Incarna’s release I see my corpmate’s Hyperion drift past my docked up Ishtar towards the exit. Or being filled with dread as I hide in station and see the fleet of my would-be attackers filling up the docking-platforms next to me. Or just being able to jealously eye-up the Nightmare sat in the parking space to my left.

Okay, perhaps that might be a bit too much to ask for. But I’d love it if various NPC craft or vehicles would go about their business as I sit staring at my ship. Not necessarily useable craft (In the Gallente vid from the link I posted there are Iterons everywhere), just small civilian craft; I’d imagine that most none-capsuleer businesses would probably be able to carry out all their hauling needs in a ship smaller than a standard issue pod-pilot-shuttle. Or perhaps where the scenery permits we could see trains or … cars? …

In general, when I’m docked up I don’t want to feel like I’m the only living being in the station, I acknowledge that the station is a hive of, atleast NPC, activity and I’d like to see that! Part of me is longing for the day that you make your docking request and get the reply “Sorry for the delay but all bays are currently occupied. An Astral Mining Iteron Mk III is due to undock within the next five minutes. Thank you for your patience.”

Agree/Disagree? Maybe I’m just too fond of the RP aspect of the game…

Logging in… Roden assumes office!

President Jacus Roden formally assumed office earlier today at his inauguration before the Gallente Senate. Shortly beforehand, incumbent President Souro Foiritan made a brief, formal statement to the Senate. Executive power rested briefly with the Senate before Chief Justice Broyal Alserette of the Federation Supreme Court swore in Jacus Roden as the new President of the Federation.

To a standing ovation, President Roden then took the rostrum and stood quietly for a moment before motioning for silence and giving a speech in which he reaffirmed his election pledges. President Roden stated that it was the policy of his government to “restore Federation control over the space and planets of the Luminaire system and to all Federation systems and worlds occupied by Caldari State naval and militia forces,” and noted that capsuleer forces of the Federal Defence Union had liberated several Gallente systems since the election. His wide-ranging speech took in aspects of policy such as corruption – another theme of Roden’s campaign – industrial policy, and the importance of the capsuleer class to the economy and security of the Federation. President Roden is himself a capsuleer.

President Roden finished his speech with a pledge “to return the Gallente Federation to the greatness that has been its undoubted destiny from the moment our peoples united to realize the historic project of universal freedom.” As he stepped back from the podium, the Senate once more erupted in a standing ovation, which the President acknowledged before leaving.”

About time! Hopefully something will actually get done now that Foiritan has officially gone away. I know it’s a bit strange, having never visited there, but I don’t think I could forgive the Caldari for what they did to the Intaki system. I doubt I’ll ever visit, but still… Not a big fan of the Caldari. My point being; I, like everyone one else in the ‘verse, blame Foiritan for the fact that the Caldari managed to hit us as hard as they did.

Anyway, enough flexing of my inadequate-political-knowledge muscles. It looks like I might be being called back to the Wormhole from my “base” in Sortet. Apparently some kind of hauling operation is going on, I don’t know, not really paying attention to the corp channel at the moment. I’m not really too enthusiastic about being called away from the Fed. Navy station here either, my agent has kept me occupied with various tasks that range from carrying stuff about in a shuttle to killing Serpentis fleets – I can’t help but feel a bit overqualified for this.

Makes me wonder, if it’s left to us privateers to try fight off Serpentis, Angel Cartel et al, and by the looks of recent events they’re not fighting the Caldari… What exactly does the Federation Navy do?

10 Things Every EVE Player Should Know (Courtesy of Mr. Kinux)

Because this is fantastic summary for new and old players, I thought I’d repost it just for emphasis. This was originally posted by CrazyKinux at his blog.

‘EVE Online veterans are all aware that it’s not the easiest MMORPG to jump into and that it’s got a steep learning curve, with a hardcore player following. So I’ve put together another list to help players understand the nature of EVE, before they set out to make a living in New Eden. A kind of reality check if you will.

  1. The only place where you are safe in EVE is either docked or offline, otherwise you’re mostly fair game.
  2. You will eventually get podded. It’s nothing personal.
  3. So make sure your clone is up to date
  4. At any given time, make sure you’re always training a skill.
  5. EVE is like a sandbox with landmines. Deal with it.
  6. You’re flying in a cocoon full of liquid, known as a pod. Not behind the controls of a ship.
  7. Flying a ship anywhere in EVE is like gambling, only fly what you’re willing to lose.
  8. CONCORD exists to punish, not protect.
  9. If you’re going to be in a low sec system for a while, create 2 or more safe spot, just in case.
  10. Pirates are not griefers, they’re as much a part of EVE as you are.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a more extensive list, make sure to visit the “Tips and Advice” page that CCP has put together. They’ve got more tips and advice and provide additional details.

Fly safe, or die trying!’